Stay Puft Marshmallow Face

Low point of chemo today. Feeling lethargic, shaky and swollen.

We made it to the cancer center this morning for our hydration date with my new cancer pal Jessica and her family.

Jess is 25 and recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I saw her a few weeks ago at treatment and it was like a moth to a flame. She was so strikingly beautiful and young- something you don’t usually see in a cancer center.

Me and Queen Jessica
My baby boy also made a cameo!

We struck up a quick friendship and now we are cancer homegirls. Today we both scheduled hydration for the same time so we could hang out.

All the nurses got a big kick out of the two young girls hanging out, getting hydrated in one room surrounded by their families. It was one of those moments that proves you do have a village and that great relationships can come out of shitty circumstances.

Now Jess is 10 years younger than me which is why I assume she is handling chemo so beautifully that it makes me jealous. She walzed into the cancer center like a nymph whereas I trampled in like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.

This round is making my face and body swell. And I don’t mean swell as in, aw shucks.  I’m talking swollen.

At hydration today I noticed that one side of my face was more swollen than the other. After a quick neurological check it was determined that I am just chemo puffy from the roids.

I am not sure I have ever felt more vain looking in the mirror at my incongruous puffy face and bald head. I want my body back. Waaaahhhhhhhh.

Spent the remainder of the day in bed. Sleep seemed all I could accomplish. I have a low grade fever that is only helped by having a cold pack on my bare scalp at all times. It is the great regulator at this juncture.

Now my legs have started their trembling phase and I am once again rendered like a baby Bambi.

So all in all, I’m going to vote this day off the island. Pretend it never happened.

Tomorrow will be better and I will have less cancer cells in my body from the internal murder spree that is occurring at all times.

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  1. says:

    you are still as beautiful as ever and Enzo is so precious!!! The picture of the two of you-you looking at him and holding his head-You could not look more beautiful.


  2. agotaskovran says:

    You funny fabulous Woman!

    I recently found your blog through your lovely vizsla on instagram, Dante. Your Blog makes me appreciate life and laugh and cry at the same time. Would you stop giving strenght to people with perfectly in order lives? That should be our job to give you strenght! Do count on me if you come up with anything that can be done from a few thousand kilometers here in Hungary! I hope you’ll continue to write your blog after you fought off this sucker, because I just love to read it! I can just imagine how fun you must be in person. A minute, no, I can’t even imagine, you’re too awsome compared to anybody I know! 😏 I am sending my thoughts and prayers for you to leave all this behind you and go on with the wonderful life sooner than you’d think!


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