No Sleep Till Brooklyn

A quick visual update from the BK:

When I arrived at my friend Gina’s home, she had NY pizza waiting for me. I dominated. The way I do the math, an entire NYC pizza is equivalent to 1.5 slices of chicago style pizza. Ain’t no shame in my game. 

This little gem is named Charlie. He is 5 months old and is the smiliest, sweetest, cuddle bug around. We are best friends. 

News flash! Brooklyn is exactly as you expect it to be based on current stereotypes. The hipsters are alive and well. The beards, glasses, skinny jeans… thriving. 

Above is a photo of a microbrewery in a garage in Carroll Gardens that only brews small batches that they only sell to the public on saturdays. Hipsters drinking craft beer in a garage in 35 degree weather = Brooklyn. 

Example of above mentioned beer. 10% alcohol and so tasty. 

Seen on the streets of BK: melted Elmo with a fedora. Obvs. 

Found my walking inspiration board! I will have this exact hairdo, blond and all. Thank you random Brooklyn woman for just being you. 

This is my ride or die New York crew. These women love and support me to no end. Distance has no effect on our relationships. Amen for women supporting each other. And amen for Brooklyn and it’s stereotypical hipsters!!!!

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