Self Care Vacay Part I

Come along with me for my ‘self-care’ weekend vacay, my friends! What will follow over the next few days will be shorter, more concise blogs about the whereabouts and adventures of the Grance.

We started out with the mailman dropping off my Entertainment Weekly and New York Mag 3 minutes before my Uber arrived. Win!!

TSA precheck guy asked if all that hair (pictured on my driver’s license) was hiding under my cap, which led me to whip it off and say way too loudly and with too much gusto, ‘chemo baby!’ And just kept walking. My new version of a mic drop?

And that was before my anxiety meds kicked in. Paging Lisa Rinna and her bag of pills!!

Now I am waiting at the gate rocking my full compression sleeve and gauntlet and feeling fly AF (not at all). Never fly after having axillary lymph nodes removed without a compression sleeve. Unless you are into that non-circulatory, elephantitis look. No judgment.

Stay tuned, folks. Mama is on vacation and I didn’t bring a wig so I’m going to be the brunette (fine, salt and pepper) Mia Farrow all over NYC.

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  1. Rhonda Noble says:

    Have a great weekend Grace.

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