Yes, I brought a stuffed bunny

I’m baaaacckkkk!

Can’t write much ’cause I’m on lot of drugs and this iPhone screen seems to be moving around and splitting into two every few seconds.

Well, it happened. I had a bilateral mastectomy. My surgical team was straight out of Grey’s Anatomy. McHunky the anesthesiologist, McGorgeous the breast surgeon and McSuave for plastics.

Not gonna lie– the past 36 hours have been a doozy, but my pain is being managed well. The best part has been my assistant, spiritual guru and high priestess Jennie Fauls.

My sister has never left my side.  I will gladly go breast-less in order to keep her as mine all mine.

Love to you all. With opiate kisses and muscle relaxer dreams, Grace – Out

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow what a writer you are!!!!


  2. Jessie Schwartz says:

    G-d bless you Grace–speedy recovery❤️


  3. kate kossack says:

    Thoughts are with you and your family, take care 🙂


  4. Patrick Sweeney says:

    You’re quite a writer/blogger, but more importantly, you got through the week. Big bonus, you’ve got Jennie and lots of support. Now go back to sleep!


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