We’ve Got Her Back

IMG_0639(It’s Jennie again.) Grace says ‘hi.’ Everyone told her that Day 2 would be pretty much the worst. Guess what? It is. But we know that it’s normal for this situation. She is still in & out of woozy, druggy sleep. She did have a quiet night, though. Hopefully a healing one. Many doctors checked in on her this morning, including her breast surgeon Dr. Pesce. They will transition the meds from the drip to pills, to hopefully make her more alert and have less pain. Dr. Pesce thinks that in 12 hours she could feel much better and we sure hope so.

Grace wants to share her profound thanks to everyone for so many kinds of beautiful support. If I started naming names, the list would go on forever. You know who you are, essential oil makers, blanket givers, t-shirt/hashtag designers/circulators, grocery bringers, gift card divas, joke tellers, super pray-ers and adorable message makers.

Speaking of t-shirts, Grace surprised our waiting room crew with her #grancer tees yesterday morning and made every single team member wear her boobs, in remembrance and honor of the departed.

[And please meet our hospital mascot, MC Air Dancer, made on the fly by little Luca two nights ago. He wanted this guy to cheer his mom up and it works.]


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