“Trick or CANCER”

Here is how my Halloween is going-

My husband scored tickets to the World Series last night and took our 7 year old son. The kid fell asleep in the 2nd then puked in the 3rd and they were on the train back home by the 4th.

This child has been so jazzed for the Halloween parade at school and now had to miss it by staying home sick. At least his sister who is 6 years old got to go to school for the parade.

PSYCHE! She vomited 30 minutes before the parade started and had to be picked up from school.

Halloween is our 3rd child’s birthday. I was so excited to move home today from my mom’s, where I have been convalescing, and to celebrate with my little guy. Can’t drive yet so my husband drove over to pick me up. As we rounded the corner to our house, we got the call from the school nurse about vomiter #2.

One barfing child I was willing to risk as a fluke, two barfing children…? I am not stepping foot into that world. My white blood cell count is still low and the thought of retching and busting all my stitches? It’s not an option.

Before we even pulled into our driveway, the huz turned the car around and drove me right back to my mom’s house.

I will not see my baby on his 3rd birthday. Cancer and 2 pukey children have taken that option away from me.

I am pissed, disappointed and so sad. I know that this year is a wash already, but missing Halloween and my baby’s birthday really, really sucks.

As a bandaid I am going to take all the pain meds and scare the crap out of little kids trick or treating.

Oh yeah, and did I mention my beloved grandma passed away last night?

Hey 2016? TAKE A HIKE.


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  1. Carrie Gallagher says:

    Shitty ass day (and year) that I’ve ever heard. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, my thoughts are with you, Grace.


  2. Ania says:

    I’m so sorry for such a rough day. My heart breaks for you to miss out on this milestone and to not be able to be with your family. I hope that there are a million smiling memories in your near future that can help numb the sting of your heartache for this years missed halloween/ birthday memories.
    Thank you for your posts. You’re a truly remarkable woman and mom ❤


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