Grace, Out

I am done and on my way home. Here is a brief synopsis:

Wait, wait, wait. 

Pre op area, get IV and talk to yet another handsome anesthesia team. Get some Versed. 

Wheeled into operating room. Remember some light chatting, lights out. 

Wake up in recovery. PAIN. Armpit hurts something fierce. Burny and downright stupid pain. Jocelyn my nurse slowly but effectively doses me up on Dilauded. Jocelyn and I become best friends. We made each other cry we were so in love. 

Then to recovery room and reunited with my family, but more importantly, food. 

Rest, pee, rest, eat, rest. 

Wheelchair to my awaiting chariot and case closed. 

Thanks for thinking about me and praying for me today. 

Grancerites Rock. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post! Hope you can get some rest.


  2. cherylcarse says:

    Thank goodness for nurses. And narcotics.


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