Birthday + Cancer = Extra Presents

Grace 34 birthday

May 4, 2016

Hey gang,

It’s my 36th birthday and unfortunately, blowing out candles appears to NOT have the power to grant actual wishes (still have cancer).

What is great however, is the love and affection being shown to me today. As a mother and a doula I sort of think birthdays should belong to those who actually gave birth on that day (big ups Mary Fauls!), but alas, it remains mostly about me, which is totally cool, too.

So far the day has been lovely. I’ve had my favorite coffeecake for breakfast thanks to sister-extraordinaire Jennie Fauls and have had a massage. Now I am headed to hot yoga where I intend to sweat out the coffeecake in order to make room for Ron of Japan and more cake. (Side bar-I just have to mention that I had a nightmare last night, not about having cancer or a mastectomy, but about someone eating my Sweet Mandy B’s frosted sugar cookie. It was a complete sweaty horror story…)

Cancer does not make me sad or even angry today. It doesn’t even factor into the situation. I am thrilled to have been born and meet all of you fine people who are showing me so much love.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. LaDonna Covelle says:

    Don’t forget that you have Sparkly sweatpants in your near future as well. Love your attitude and humor. Here’s to rocking this frigging journey !


  2. Katie says:

    Can’t wait to celebrate you and hope Luca does not vomit again- but if he does, at least on Joe again.
    See ya soon!!
    Love you


  3. Shenade Greif says:

    Strong. Beautiful. Loved. Glad you get to celebrate with the people you love most!


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