So far, cancer is great


May 2, 2016

Hi gang,
So cancer… kooky right?! I feel so healthy and strong these days that the diagnosis was/is a shock. I’m talking, real deal, definition of the word, shock.
Sooooooooo you’re telling me my mammogram is irregular?
You want me to have a biopsy?!
Oh, a mastectomy?
That’s pretty much how it went down. Since then, it has been a swirl of doctor appointments and basically just getting stuff done.
I’m really vibing on the team of docs I’ve chosen so far. Dr. Catherine Pesce (google her, she is a total babe) will be performing my breast surgery and Dr. Mark Sisco will be putting the girls back together. I am meeting with Dr. Wade, who is an oncologist, later this week.
Even writing that I am seeing an oncologist sounds ludicrous. There is disease hidden in my body, but the rest of me doesn’t seem to care, as I am going about my business– exercising daily, working as a childbirth educator and, most importantly, chasing 3 little kids around. I want to emphasize that right now I feel physically fantastic (emotionally, ehhhhh).
I entitled this post “So far, cancer is great” because right now I feel awesome and am reaping the benefits of being a person with cancer. People are flying out of the woodwork to help me, allowing me to have a pretty baller lifestyle for these weeks leading up to surgery. Massages are happening, babysitting seems to be available for any of my whims (which are mostly doctors appointments- let’s be honest), and I can pretty much cop whatever kind of attitude I want with my bright new shiny Cancer Black Card. I’m sure my upbeat tone will take a nosedive at some point, but for now, I am rolling with it.
Keep an eye out for tabloid headlines like: ‘Grancer; the unlikely duo breaks up for GOOD’ ’cause me and cancer will not have a long term relationship.

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  1. Leann Emmott says:

    I was diagnosed Feb 15 and now I’m waiting… not sleeping, just waiting. I’m glad my friend sent me this blog. I can relate with so much and glad I have something to read during my journey.


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