Listen All Y’all It’s Nutrition Sabotage!!!!

The day after chemo I go back to the cancer center for a Neulasta shot. You’ve heard me speak of this before. It costs like $1000 per shot (take that, Epipen!) and is meant to hyper-generate white blood cells. It finds the largest bones in your body and basically causes your bone marrow to reproduce so rapidly that it causes growing pains. Yay.

Today’s shot also hurt a lot and I needed my mom to hold my hand.

Anyhoo, while I was there I was told I was having a kamikaze nutritionist appointment. It was like a sneak attack.

Apparently I need more protein, fewer carbs, less sugar, and more protein. Blah blah blah. You try eating kale 2 days after chemo! Ahh, nope.

She also filled me in on this lil tidbit–once chemo is over and I am taking Tamoxifen for 10 years (Google it), my metabolic rate will crash and if I gain weight now, it will be very hard to ever lose. JOY!!!!

This sabotage appointment was evil and I did not like it. I’m no dummy. I know a sweet potato is better than a mozzarella stick but you try telling my mouth and body that right now. Ugh. Bye nutritionist. (She was very nice, not her fault. Cancer’s fault.)

Next was off to the midwife for a pelvic ultrasound. Could this day get any better?!

It could, actually, because I love the woman who does the ultrasounds (I’m a doula, remember, so these are my people) and she said my lady bits looked great.

I then waited an hour to see my fav midwife who just makes my heart swell. She said she should probably do an endometrial biopsy but since the ultrasound was good, and I am 1 day off chemo, she would write a note to my oncologist about it and let me off the hook today. Woo-hoo!

Instead, my doula mom and I just got to hang out with Debi the midwife and talk shop, which is always fun for us.

My midwife Debi who delivered my 3rd baby. As a doula, I’ve witnessed her deliver countless other babies. She is the best and I love her for not vaginally probing me today.

Now I am headed home to my mom’s house where I will reside for the next 5 days as chemo and Neulasta hit me hard.

I will attempt sweet potatoes but will probably eat mozzarella sticks and fried chicken, if I can stomach eating anything at all.

Suck it, nutritionist!

💙, Grancer

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  1. cherylcarse says:

    I say, eat whatever gives you pleasure. You have enough shitty stuff in your life right now, why add kale & sweet potatoes? Of course, I’m not a nutritionist.


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