Blue Hair, Don’t Care

Yes, I now have purple/blue hair. With T-minus 3 days until chemo, it’s balls to the mother f-ing wall people.

Anyhoo, I have always been told that I am allergic to penicillin. Neither of my parents remember what happened to indicate this allergy, but they know I was an infant when they were told. I’ve been avoiding it ever since.

Fun fact: when you get cancer and need chemotherapy, it is extremely helpful to be aware of all medication allergies. I will become very immunodeficient and if I get any kind of virus, I could get really sick, so knowing what meds I can have to most effectively treat said malady, is super important.

I had a skin test for allergies a few years ago that indicated I was no longer allergic to penicillin. The allergist will only confirm this after an exposure challenge. This is where they give you a dose of the medicine in question in the office and make you sit in an empty exam room for 2-4 hours waiting for a reaction.

I’ve been putting this off because…duh, but with chemo looming I knew I had to do it.

So here I am (time 1pm), trapped in Room 23 for the next however many hours. Here is a list of things I can do to entertain myself:

  • Read book I brought (about cancer)
  • Play Candy Crush
  • Sit on the doc’s roll-y stool and play roller wars with myself
  • Stalk people on social media
  • Weigh myself after every bite of the bagel I brought
  • Vogue in the full-length mirror

Not going to lie, this is kind of a blast.

Side note: I had to have my blood pressure taken on my leg today because one arm is a permanent ‘restricted extremity’ and the other is raw from the port surgery.

Good thing I was wearing these dope leggings

UPDATE 2:55pm: It’s been 2 hours and I am pretty sure I am not allergic to penicillin and I’m really sure I’m not having fun anymore. What I might be allergic to however, is myself.

I have a whole new level of respect for R. Kelly who was notoriously Trapped In The Closet for 33 musical chapters. That must have been just awful.

UPDATE 4pm:  Now it’s been 3 hours and I’m so bored I’m pretending I am a magical unicorn.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    Good to know bp can be taken from
    The leg! Glad to have this life long mystery solved.


  2. cherylcarse says:

    Love the blue/purple unicorn! I am so trying that leg blood pressure thing.


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